C8 Ranch began as Craddock Farms raising Black Angus cattle for 50+ years.
In 2020 we expanded to include Registered Belted Galloways, Registered Mini Belted Galloways and Mini Pandas.

With that expansion, we also transitioned from Craddock Farms to C8 Ranch.

Why C8? C=Craddock 8=Biblically as this number represents a new beginning, a brighter future, new horizons, and a new life in general.

Follow us on our journey as we continue to grow. We will be offering some of our cattle for sale if you want to join us in that journey.

We look forward to sharing the attributes and quality of the breeds.

C8 Ranch
Flora Craddock
Curtiss & Ramona Craddock
Hollis, OK
Email: c8ranch@yahoo.com
Phone: Curtiss - 580-471-7283
or Ramona - 580-381-0242

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